WE HAVE SERVED over 35,000 clients since 1982 from over 50 countries and several continents.

Our translations come with numbered affidavits of accuracy that can be verified on the Internet, protecting your personal data

WHO WE ARE is a website run by Legal Translation Systems(LTS)/De Paula Translations. The beginning of our company dates back to 1982, when Carlos de Paula, the company's founder, began offering certified translation services in New York.  

A large portion of Mr. De Paula's practice has consisted of translating Academic Documents, such as diplomas, certificates, transcripts, course outlines, letters of reference plus other documents normally required by academic institutions, such as vaccination certificates, affidavits of support, bank statements, etc. LTS also provides certified translations for the U.S.l Immigration Department. Visit our other site

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It is always a good idea to purchase additional certified copies of your translations. They cost only US$15.00 per copy, irrespective of the number of pages of the translation.

FREE PDFL provides free copies of your translations via pdf, sent by email. Many institutions currently accept pdfs.