That at LTS you have access to the person who translated or edited your translation? 99% of our documents are done in-house.

If you want to inspect our translation before we certify and ship it, we will be glad to send to you. This does not mean we will accept all your comments, but we will certainly consider well founded observations. Remember, our translations cannot be interpretative.



To begin with, send a pdf or graphic images of your documents to our email, for pricing. We prefer documents in a single pdf. If the documents are too large, kindly zip them. Our email is

You may also send the documents by fax to (212) 786-7241

We normally respond within a few minutes, during business hours, Mondays through Fridays, 10 AM - 6 PM (EST). We prefer responding by email, but if you want to talk about the project you may call us (855) 337-2852

You may also send the documents by mail (especially course outlines, that can be hundreds of pages long) or drop them off at one of our three convenient locations.

Our quotations are firm for one year. At the time you will be informed of turn around. RUSH service might be available, at roughly double the regular rate.

All translation work must be paid in advance, without exception. You may submit payment by Visa,. Mastercard, American Express, Debit cards and Paypal. You must pay cash if bringing the documents to one of our locations.

Our paypal address is

You may request additional copies of your translations, at $15.00 per copy, or that we send pdfs of your translations, free of charge. We charge $5.00 for Priority Mail, and no longer send documents by regular mail, due to reliability issues. You may also request Express Mail, at US$19.00, or Fedex Service, at $40.

If you are located overseas, shipping fees are roughly about double.

You may also send the documents to us by fax or email, and pick them up at one of our locations.

We will gladly send your translated documents directly to the academic institution. 

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OUR 29th Year 

We began our activities in 1982, and have served over 35,000 clients in almost every state of the USA and several countries.



If you have a n extremely large number of documents for translation, you might qualify for a discount. Discounts are not applicable to rush jobs