WE HAVE SERVED over 35,000 clients since 1982 from over 50 countries and several continents.

Our translations come with numbered affidavits of accuracy that can be verified on the Internet, protecting your personal data

We do not provide interpretative translations, rather provide the required word by word translations required by U.S. universities and schools. Your certified translations may be used to obtain academic equivalencies at proper companies such as World Education Services

Before sending work to us, check with your institution if they have any restrictions.  

Our translations are human prepared/edited by translators who are familiar with the U.S. academic system and terminology.

We do not provide translations for use with the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York

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Our company is specialized on the translation of documents used for enrollment in United States universities and schools, including:




Letters of Reference

Course Outlines

Vaccination Certificates

Affidavits of support

Bank statements (Amounts converted to USD)

Other proof of funds (bylaws, real estate deed, letters from accountants or employers, income tax returns) 

For pricing information, send your scanned documents to You may also send documents by fax to (212) 786-7241, or drop them off in one of our three locations

To speak to us call toll-free from the USA (855) 337-2852

Regular phone (305) 397-8081

We have pick-up locations in Miami Beach, New York (Long-Island City) and Pompano Beach

We provide translations of academic documents into English from Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, Romenian

For Immigration Documents



If you are overseas and want us to send your translated documents directly to your U.S. institution, do not worry. We do this for a large number of clients. Simply indicate the correct address, name of contact, and if available, student number

De Paula Translations, parent company of Legal Translation Systems is expected to migrate into a secure internet credit card gateway in the very near future. The new system will replace the modem based credit card terminal, providing many advantages to clients, including email sent receipts in real time.
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It is always a good idea to purchase additional certified copies of your translations. They cost only US$15.00 per copy, irrespective of the number of pages of the translation.

FREE PDF provides free copies of your translations via pdf, sent by email. Many institutions currently accept pdfs.